Simple Habits of Exceptional (But Not Perfect) Parents

In Simple Habits of Exceptional Parents, author Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio draws from his extensive clinical and organizational consulting background to provide a first-rate, exceptionally comprehensive manual for parents striving to help their children thrive in today's challenging world. Ken covers topics that we, as parents, face with great regularity - giving advice, negotiating boundaries, conveying respect, fostering self-esteem, and most importantly, cultivating joy. These are the tasks of daily living for parents but can often get lost in our hectic lives, our connected world, and our desire to see our children achieve - but at what cost? This highly practical book is a refreshing reminder of what is most essential in parenting - a loving approach to helping our children become who they are meant to be. 

Professor Brad Harrington, Executive Director
Boston College Center for Work & Family

Habits are the social messengers by which parents instill values and behaviors in their children. Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio provides receptive parents with practical, useful means by which to influence how their children will love, handle conflict, appreciate differences, ask for help, mind their health and mental health, and much more. The greatest gift we can give our children is to help them surpass us, and this book shows how.

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD
Medical Editor for Mental Health, The Huffington Post
Adjunct Professor, Coumbia/Mailman School of Public Health


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