Ken possesses an ability to speak from a depth of knowledge with passion, compassion and just enough provocation to inspire and motivate. He’s a treasure to the field of health – giving us the information we need with enough fire to make us think.

-Alan Youngblood, former Director-EAP, Merrill Lynch & Company

Effective leaders understand that organizational success requires a focus on both team productivity and health. Ken Dolan-Delvecchio is a uniquely talented leader who thoroughly understands this connection. When he speaks on this subject, Ken inspires those around him to adapt their leadership styles and establish newfound balance in the workplace.

- Andy Germak, Director of International Development and Alumni Relations, Rutgers University Foundation

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio's years of experience as an astute counselor and corporate leader make him uniquely qualified to foster a healthy and productive workforce and family relationships. Now, he has literally written the book on the subject.

- Bob DeFillippo Chief Communications Officer (retired) Prudential Financial, Public Relations Senior Adviser and Adjunct Professor, NYU.

Powerful. Thought-provoking. Interactive. Informative. Hopeful. These words come to mind every time Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio facilitates one of his many workshops, key note addresses or speaking engagements. No matter the industry or the audience, Ken demonstrates an amazing ability to capture, and keep attendees engaged. From a group of healthcare workers, to an auditorium filled with teachers, to women living in a shelter, to executives sitting around a board room, Ken adapts his presentations to meet the needs of those in the room, yet does so in a unique way that not only educates each participant but helps them to think about what they just learned using a new or different lens.

- Cynthia Fearon, Senior Project Lead, Metlife; Author and Domestic Violence Advocate

Ken has a unique ability to connect with his audience. Whether an intimate gathering or a large ballroom with hundreds of people, Ken demonstrates an empathetic style that allows him to tailor his message to the needs of his audience. Ken's philosophies of compassion and fairness have permeated through every interaction I have either had with him or observed of him. He believes in community and empowering that community to flourish.

- Dave Rowe, Founder, Enlightened Leadership Consulting, www.enlightened-leadership.co

Ken is a visionary leader. On projects he brings a strong drive to make a difference and combines it with sound judgment and a warm collegiality. Great at what he does, great to work with.

- Doug Behan, Director of Continuing Education, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Rutgers School of Social Work

Refreshingly honest, Ken Dolan-Delvecchio challenges audiences to examine assumptions and embark upon fresh paths to understanding and action. His “use of self” in communicating ideas about what it means to be a healthy being on a healthy planet speaks of empathy, and informed thought leadership.

- Gloria D. McDonald, MSOD

Ken is a great speaker and a wonderful listener who created a safe and nurturing atmosphere for our large group. His kindness and sensitivity touched my heart and enabled him to make a personal connection with many in the audience who were hurt, grieving, coping, and/or healing. Ken was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to having him back.

- Helene O’Connor, Assistant Director, Palmer Public Library, Palmer, MA

I have worked with Ken for several years, watching him from afar as he runs events big and small, but it was not until very recently that I had the pleasure of being interviewed by him onstage. What a great experience it was for the audience and the participants -- all thanks to Ken. And watching him speak candidly yet deftly with another participant about a very difficult subject was simply amazing.

-Jane Randel, Co-President, Karp Randel LLC, Co-Founder of NO MORE

Ken is an amazing speaker, comfortable in front of everything from speaking at a conference with 300 participants to being interviewed on television, to working one-on-one with individuals. His passion, intelligence, and commitment to his message is evident regardless of audience size.

-Judy L. Postmus, Ph.D., ACSW; Associate Professor & Director, Center on Violence Against Women & Children, Rutgers, School of Social Work

Ken is an engaging, passionate and compassionate presenter and facilitator. Not only is he knowledgeable about the subjects of domestic violence, sexual assault, parenting, and grief, but he cares deeply about these issues, and this care shines through in all that he does. You will come away learning from Ken – and with Ken. I cannot recommend him enough.

-Kim Wells, Executive Director, Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

Ken is an amazing public speaker. He is very accessible to a wide variety of audiences (students, executives; business, psychology). He is knowledgeable about and presents on a wide variety of topics (human relations, family therapy, grief, diversity issues). He crafts presentations that inform, captivate, and include audience members. I am privileged to have both presented with Ken and been a rapt audience member.

-Lynn Parker, Professor Emeriti, University of Denver, family therapist, and supervisor with the Denver Family Institute —a post graduate training institute.

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio has a special talent for making complex and controversial topics easy to understand and discuss. He's a courageous and highly effective speaker and facilitator.

- Nydia Garcia-Preto, LCSW, Associate Director, Multicultural Family Institute, Highland Park, NJ

I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Ken Dolan-Delvecchio for over ten years. Beyond his being a valued business partner and confidant, Ken has proven, at every turn, to be the consummate professional with a rare blend of extraordinary subject matter expertise to complement a style that allows him to convey key messages with sincerity and confidence in any setting. He excels in one-on-one exchanges and can captivate an audience with a genuine interest and empathy that distinguishes him as both a practical educator/instructor and inspiration. When Ken speaks, people listen.

- Rick Keshishian, Benefits Consultant

I have worked with Ken in several capacities
1) As an alcoholic employee of Prudential, I was the fortunate recipient of Ken's ever compassionate, always confidential guidance. As a senior leader in Prudential's Health and Wellness program, Ken ably assisted me with selecting and successfully completing a comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation program. It has been 2,136 days since my last drink and I am grateful for Ken's leadership of Prudential's behavioral health initiatives.

2) As part of a Prudential-specific awareness program, Ken sponsored a video interview which included me, my boss, and Ken discussing my recovery from alcoholism and the support programs that were available to me as a Prudential employee. This video was made available to all Prudential employees to promote behavioral health awareness and assistance. Additionally, Ken has sponsored both internal and external panel discussions about addiction and other behavioral health issues facing corporate America in which he asked me to participate. I have received direct feedback that these venues had a material impact on a variety of stakeholders, across Prudential.

3) Also, I have seen Ken speak at a number of events. He is a passionate, engaging communicator.

- Rob Tyndall, Vice President, Risk Management, Prudential Financial

I have known Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio for over 25 years. Throughout that time I have been inspired by the messages that Ken conveys so articulately in training, speeches, and in his writing. He has been a frequent and highly sought after trainer here at the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

- Jane Baldwin Shivas, Executive Director, New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio is one of the most mindful, wise, and genuine people I have ever known. When Ken raises challenging issues that would tempt many listeners to shut down, his tremendous capacity for love and understanding keeps his audience engaged and invites self-reflection and increased compassion for self and others. There are few people I would want to speak at a training or event as much as I would want to have Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio. -Timothy Baima, Ph.D., LMFT Associate Professor and Director of M.A. Clinical Training Palo Alto University, Los Alto, CA 94022 Los Altos, CA 94022

-Timothy Baima, Ph.D., LMFT Associate Professor and Director of M.A. Clinical Training Palo Alto University, Los Alto, CA 94022 Los Altos, CA 94022

I have had the pleasure of listening to Ken as he spoke passionately, and persuasively about healthy lifestyles and productive workforces to large, diverse audiences. In each instance his expertise and method of delivery helped assure attendees couldn't help but be enlightened.

-Ray Weeks, Veterans champion, Executive Leader, & Advisory Board Member, Military Families Research Institute at Purdue University

I have partnered with Ken on our workplace mental health initiative. He is a consummate leader--creative, passionate and eloquent. He is also a wonderful collaborator. One of the true greats!

-Wendy Brennan, Executive Director, NAMI-NYC Metro

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio is an inspirational and authoritative speaker on mental health and workplace issues. His vast experience and background lend themselves to his ability to articulate complex matters in ways that are easy to comprehend and actionable for any level audience. He is clear, concise and practical in his approach and is able to address these matters in a personal yet professional manner.

- Jorge R. Petit, MD, Regional Senior VP of the New York Region, Beacon Health Options

Ken Dolan Del Vecchio is a masterful, creative, and engaging speaker. His lens is broad, and he has a unique talent for conveying the complexities of relationships in a straightforward and lucid way and explaining the connections between our personal lives and the wider social context.

- Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, PhD (h.c.), Director, Multicultural Family Institute, Highland Park, NJ

Ken is a unique individual and special talent. He connects and engages with people and organizations with passion, compassion and insight that moves others to challenge and better themselves and those they influence. He has been a tireless champion for mental health and the overall well-being of our work forces and communities!

-Michael Thompson, Principal, PwC, and Mental Health Advocate